Leadership Lake Oswego

Developing Business and Community Leaders

“Leadership Lake Oswego is the premier educational program of the LO Chamber of Commerce. It offers you a unique opportunity to develop leadership abilities and insights with other key leaders in a yearlong, mobile class environment. While the experience focuses on personal and professional growth, the businesses and organizations whose employees successfully participate in the class also experience enhanced community relationships and new marketing opportunities. Get a closer, more personal look into your city and the many ways you can connect and make a difference!”
Keith Dickerson, Leadership Lake Oswego Director 
  • Achieve personal and professional growth, and develop individual leadership skills and abilities.
  • Discover meaningful opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals to make connections and build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Develop into insightful, civic-oriented leaders who are interested in helping shape and direct the future of Lake Oswego.
  • Demonstrate what you’ve learned by participating in a group legacy project and providing leadership to the following years’ class.

Your 2018-2019 Leadership Tri-chairs:

Dave Arpin, Kim Clifton, Vickie Maletteri
E-mail: leadership.lakeoswego@gmail.com 

The Commitment

  • To fully realize the benefits of Leadership Lake Oswego, members should commit to attending every session. Business and community leaders give generously of their time and expertise as a resource for class members.
  • Aside from the retreat on Sept. 20-21 and the graduation event on June 20, All-day sessions are held on the third Thursday of each month, from 8 am to 4 pm. 
  • Leadership classes engage in a community legacy project that allows them to give back to the community


Mark your calendar for the first class, September 19, 2019 (9/19/19). Enrollment opens January, 2019.



An Opportunity to Learn

Year one includes a series of ten monthly sessions in which opportunities are provided for personal growth and professional reflection, networking, and community awareness. Participants will receive leadership education in both an academic and practical setting, explore community resources, identify issues and concerns unique to Lake Oswego, and interact with many business and community leaders. 

An Opportunity to Lead

Year two includes an opportunity to experience leading the new students through their own personal and professional growth. Graduates of each year’s Leadership Class assume responsibility for organizing sessions for the subsequent year’s class. Two or three members of the class are selected as overall chairs for the year. Other members team up to organize a particular day’s session. 

Apply early to secure your place in the program!


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Leadership Immersion and Development Sessions

These sessions are a valuable element of each month’s program. Leadership sessions are taught by Dr. Mike Musik, Superintendent of the LO School District; Dr. Scott Lazenby, City Manager of the City of Lake Oswego; Dr. Jennifer Schiele, Assistant Superintendent of the LO School District; Keith Dickerson, Director of Leadership LO; and a wide variety of local and regional business, community and civic leaders. 

The sessions include exploration of many topics:

  • Counter-intuitive Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Human relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving
  • Gender dynamics
  • Change management
  • Wisdom perspectives
  • Leading through crisis